The Health Junkie

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Nicole, the woman behind Health Junkie.

In December of 2016, an ill friend visited our home while I was pregnant. Knowing I was particularly susceptible, I did everything I could to boost my immune system: lots of kale in my green smoothies, essential oils, vitamin C – and I also took the plunge to try something new: elderberry syrup. And I’ve never looked back.

You might be familiar with elderberry’s reputation – it’s quite popular every year throughout cold and flu season. My homemade recipe is incredibly delicious, and we started to enjoy it daily.

Soon after, our family’s new go-to elixer became popular with friends, family, and the broader community. Seeing a need, I went through the process to get licensed and produce it in a commercial kitchen, allowing me to sell it to the public both in and out of Ohio.

But Why “Health Junkie?”

Let’s rewind further, back to 2014. As a holistic health practitioner, I already knew a lot about food. While pregnant with my first child, I learned a lot about the harmful chemicals in everyday products. As a result, I started making my own everything. From hand sanitizer and bug spray (no drying alcohol and DEET here, thank you very much!) to laundry detergent and lotion, everything we use at home is 100% natural, and usually homemade.

When I started making larger quantities of lotion, I ordered big beakers. Breaking Bad was the popular show, and inevitably there were many jokes about what I was “really” making. One day, someone jokingly called me a junkie. And you know what? They were right! I’m a Health Junkie, no point in denying it.

Now I own it – quite literally. I’ve created Health Junkie, a place where you can find the highest quality elderberry syrup.

To get personal, I love my kids and husband more than anything, I thrive on sunshine, and if I’ve got some time to myself you can usually find me experimenting with new recipes or reading fiction – preferably Ken Follett or a fantasy novel.

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